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How to debug a hadoop Job with eclipse (or any other IDE)

Before we get started – just a quick note: this will only work for as long as your hob haven’t been submitted to a cluster or as long as your jobs run locally. This is basically just the right thing … Continue reading

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Mixing Scala and Java in a Gradle project

This post is basically the twin of an earlier post, which describes the same process for maven. I had the questionable pleasureĀ of having to convert my existing maven project to Gradle, which is basically almost as bad a maven and … Continue reading

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Creating an ELB load balancer with private subnet instances in a VPC

I was facing massive issues with an ELB configuration which had the following set up: All instance were part of an AWS VPC Three subnets, one public, two privates Both private subnet contained the web containers (tomcat) in two different … Continue reading

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