Comfortable mechanism for command line args in Java

Basically, parsing command line arguments is a real pain, as you don’t know in what order they will be passed on; you might also want to provide some guidance to users etc.

As often in, there’s a library for that ->

Here’s basically how it works:

1.) Create on An Option class:

    private static class Options {

        @org.kohsuke.args4j.Option(name = "-dir", required = true, usage = "input directory for files")
        private String directory;

2.) Parse the options using the CmdLineParser, parse it and reference your values from the option instance:

        Options options = new Options();
        CmdLineParser parser = new CmdLineParser(options);
        // this contains the value passed on in args
        String dir =;

that’s it. You will want to use maven to add args4j:

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