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Resolving HornetQ issues with two JBoss 6 instances in one network

If you have the following warning in your JBoss 6 logs: [quote] WARN [org.hornetq.core.cluster.impl.DiscoveryGroupImpl] There are more than one servers on the network broadcasting the same node id. You will see this message exactly once (per node) if a node … Continue reading

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Migrating to JBoss 7

For those who have an existing JBoss 4/5/6 installation, migrating to JBoss 7 will take slightly more time, as the new archicture of JBoss has a completely new directory layout and configuration mechanism. For starters, you should set up your … Continue reading

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Configuring Postfix as a smarthost for authenticated mail relaying

This document describes 5 easy steps to setup your Postfix email server as a smarthost to relay on a given mail relay server for all outgoing mail. 1. Create a password maps file (it assigns username/passwords to specified mail servers). … Continue reading

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